Winter, sauces, spices, tofu and seitan – all products Zrno organic processing shares the same criteria: selection of exclusively ecological raw materials, use of own agricultural crops as the main ingredient, pickling by the process of natural fermentation, absence of any preservatives and additives, and production in small batches on the oldest Croatian ecological estate. Created with love and manual labor, Zrno find products in bio&bio stores!

In all our processing facilities we use only organic raw materials that guarantee us quality and nutritional value. Also, the main ingredient of almost all our products is agricultural crops from our own fields, which allows us to achieve completely unique smells, textures and flavors. By choosing special methods of production such as natural fermentation and the precision provided by manual labor, Zrno products achieve a unique blend of tradition and innovation. From sauerkraut to sour burdock, to Zrneta spices and tomato paste, to masterful tofu and seitan – Zrno products combine the familiar with the unknown in the pleasure of real food.



Pickled assortment Zrno The products consist of traditional crops such as cabbage, cucumbers, white beets and beetroot, but also new and rare such as daikon, thistle and corn cobs. Raw materials for the production process are grown in their own fields Zrno organic farm, and the natural fermentation process supported by lactobacteria provides a complete product with a unique taste. The key to natural fermentation is the assistance of sourdough from Zrno organic bakeries that enrich the microbiome and help in the pickling process. The products themselves are used in numerous sandwiches Zrno bakery, as well as dishes Zrno bio bistro, of which seasonal sarma from its own sour heads is the absolute star of the winter season.

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The choice and freshness of raw materials largely determines the quality of sauces and spices. Tomato paste Zrno organic The processing is made from San Marzano tomatoes from their own fields, known for their rich taste perfect for this very purpose. Taking care of the choice of varieties perfect for processing continues in the case of mild and hot ajvar whose main ingredients – peppers and eggplant – grow less than 100 meters from the boiler in which they are cooked. In the spice category, Zrneta is a unique blend of fresh root vegetables and fruits, perfect for a whole range of soups and dishes while pumpkin puree has only one task – being part of the finest Pumpkin Spice Latte in Zrno was bistrou.

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Zrno tofu and seitan are used in a number of products Zrno organic bakeries such as sandwiches and strudels, but also in a variety of dishes Zrno was a bistro like Megaprotein, Cordon Blue and Caesar salad. What makes them special is the choice of raw materials and the masterful process of craftsmanship, which relies heavily on the skills of our employees. Thus, the production process Zrno tofu lasts almost a year, and begins with the sowing of the soybean variety, which corresponds to the characteristics specifically for this purpose. After harvesting and drying, the soybeans remain on the Zrno and enters into processing, that is, it becomes tofu. Due to limited capacity, Zrno tofu and seitan are available only through further Zrno products, i.e. Zrno organic bakery and Zrno Was bistro.

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