Vegetables, arable crops and herbs - all products Zrno organic they share the same criteria: organic farming, regenerative practices, crop rotation of diverse crops, soil coverage, green fertilization and many other methods that guarantee the highest quality of agricultural crops, but also environmental restoration. Bred with love and manual labor, Zrno look for agricultural crops in bio&bio stores!

All agricultural crops Zrno organic farm grown according to the rules organic production. This means without the use of mineral fertilizers and chemical pesticides and herbicides harmful to human health and the environment. But Zrno organic breeding does not stop there. Vegetables and herbs for fresh consumption are grown on over 200 bio-intensive no-dig flower beds that represent the highest standard of regenerative organic agriculture and soil conservation. At the same time, we grow arable crops and vegetables for processing in five-way crop rotation, with continuous alternation of cover crops and crops for green fertilization and avoiding heavy tillage such as plowing.



The variety of our fields and flower beds is characterized by over 35 types of salads, brassicas and onions, as well as root, fruity and bulbous vegetables. Growing our own graft allows us to choose unique and attractive varieties such as Salan salads while the principle of bio-intensive flower beds creates the conditions for truly fresh cultures such as carrots and beetroot with leaves. With specialties such as daikon, burdock and salad mixes, as well as daily reins such as chard, peppers and cabbage, Zrno Vegetables represent the heart of our agricultural production and a source of raw materials according to other plants.




Arable crops such as spelt and soybeans play an important role in the ecosystem Zrno product. Growing in narrow rows on large areas, they provide exactly the kind of raw material that is needed for unique quality and taste Zrno product. Thus, the soybeans we grow are specifically selected by grain size, colour and oil and protein content to meet the needs of our own production of tofu, which is found in a number of products Zrno organic bakeries and Zrno was bistro. Such a rounded cycle is also the case with the spelt we use for our own spelt flour and the corn whose young cobs are acidic and turn into a winter. But Zrno farming also plays another important role. Towards the end of each season, in September, a combination of winter rye and vetch is sown on all breeding grounds, which with its cover keeps the soil from erosion for the winter, and in the spring it feeds the soil with its plant residues by ploughing.




Its own herbs are the secret ingredient of many Zrno products, including a number of dishes Zrno was bistro. So on 900m2 square Zrno As many as 12 species of different herbs grow in the spice garden - basil, sage, melissa, mint, oregano, thyme, celery leaf, dill, coriander, parsley leaf, chives and chilli peppers. Each species has its own mint-like role, which enriches lemonade with ginger in Zrno Was bistro or chilli peppers that make up Zrno hot ajvar one of the most sought-after products Zrno organic Processing. But our spice garden also has an experiential effect - covered with rich compost and interspersed with the paths of wood chips, its flower beds are the most fragrant point farm and the star of all tours and events.




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