Bread, pastry, sweets, sandwiches and salads – all products Zrno organic bakeries share the same criteria: selection of exclusively ecological raw materials, recipes without foods of animal origin and production in small batches on the oldest Croatian ecological estate. Created with love and manual labor, Zrno Find bakery products in bio&bio stores!

In all our bakery facilities we use exclusively organic raw materials that guarantee us quality, nutritional value and richness of taste. With special attention when choosing complete ingredients without foods of animal origin, this means that all our products are free from various additives and preservatives used in typical bakery products. Also, the diversity of production at Zrno organic allows us to use our own cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruits, which in various forms form the basis of Zrno bakery. Our bakery teams combine premium ingredients every day with unique production methods that emphasize the masterful approach and caring when making each product.



Own water from the artesian well, cereal flour from the field farm and sourdough kept for decades are combined by handmade in 14 types of bread and pastries for every occasion and purpose. The most popular types such as Kayu bread with brown rice and Pyrera bread from spelt and rye form a daily basis, while specialties such as Tahini sesame bread and Mediterranean Ciabatta, complete the need for unique flavors. In the category for ourselves is our Gluten-Free Bread – the only ecologically gluten-free sourdough bread on the market!

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The rich confectionery range of 27 products consists of strudels, pies, cakes, tarts, muffins, scones, biscuits and brownies. From a salty snack to a sweet snack, each product has its own moment and opportunity while they are all connected by a selection of exclusively organic raw materials and caring handmade. Stretching the dough by hand and preparing the fillings make the textures of our desserts unique while the selection of natural sweeteners such as agave and maple syrup or rice and barley malt, allows for a whole and healthier pleasure in sweets.

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Sandwiches and Salads

Bread from their own bakery, vegetables from their own fields and tofu and seitan produced on the estate and enriched with fresh sauces and spreads combine their scents and flavors in conversion into Zrno sandwiches and salads. In this way, they combine all the peculiarities of the previous steps of production to create a snack or a light meal of completely unique quality. Kay's fried seitan sandwich and tempeh salad provide a satiating and powerful meal, while a gluten-free quinoa salad and a Kayu hummus sandwich provide a quick snack without feeling the weight.

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Sandwiches and salads