Educational Content

Through educational content, Zrno Share knowledge of your methods and practices. The content is divided into thematic modules that can be combined. Visits to the property are organized in the period from mid-April to mid-October. Inquiries and applications at the edukacije@bio-zrno.Hr.

Zrno organic farm in theory and practice

Presentation of organization, organization and production principles Zrno organic farm with an expert tour. The aim of the module is to understand the unique context and the rounded production system Zrno organic farm which includes agricultural, processing, bakery and catering production

Certification, standards and trust in the system organic production

Lecture on the certification process organic products, heterogeneous standards in the world organic production and specificities and challenges related to the issue of market trust organic product

Mechanized organic production

Detailed theoretical and practical insight into mechanised agricultural production at Zrno organic with a tour of all the machinery and equipment used in the above mentioned.

Bio-intensive organic production

Detailed theoretical and practical insight into pioneering bio-intensive agricultural production at Zrno organic Property. The module includes the complete elaboration of the bio-intensive system, its principles, specifics and methods with the tour culture.

Control and control of weeds

Weed control and control is one of the biggest challenges in organic agricultural production. Through this module, participants gain insight into the unique practices and methods Zrno organic farm developed through many years of experience, including occultation, incineration, mechanical cultivation and prevention systems.

Production of grafts

The production of its own graft allows the farmer to have better control over his own product, a greater choice of varieties and more space in the price formation. Through this module, participants gain insight into the specific low-cost graft production system developed by the Zrno organic farm with a demonstration of the production process and specificity.

Water management and irrigation systems

A high-quality water management system and irrigation system, is the basis of successful agricultural production. The module includes a glimpse of the system Zrno organic farm, including artesian well, reservoirs, drop-to-drop irrigation, spray irrigation, filtration technology, etc.

Pest control and risk management

Getting acquainted with the methods and practice of combating pests in agricultural production Zrno organic farm.

Soil, fertility and biodiversity

The module includes theoretical and practical insight into soil quality and fertility management systems and biodiversity Zrno organic such as compost production, hedges, insect hotels, fruit belts, etc.

Planning, culture rotation and software tracking

Precise production planning, rotation and crop rotation elaboration and efficient monitoring are the basis of the success of agricultural production. Through the module, participants receive an insight into the unique system of planning agricultural production on Zrno organic specific software solutions developed to monitor said production.

Harvesting, picking, packing and distributing

The module includes a demonstration of a low-cost vegetable washing plant developed by Zrno organic farm, specialised harvesting and packaging tools and a description of distribution channels for organic agricultural products.

Growing mushrooms

A tour of the experimental area for growing shiitake mushrooms on Zrno organic with a description of the principles and procedures of production.

Sourdough bread

Demonstration of the principles and technology of making sourdough bread with Zrno starter, 15 years old. The presentation of the module is led by Zlatko Pejic.

Fundamentals organic bakery production

Overview of bakery products and bakery production processes Zrno organic farm with a tour of bakery facilities if conditions allow.

Natural production of winter crops

Zrno organic farm produces more than 10 types of products in the wintering category, both traditional – such as ajvar and sauerkraut, so special – such as sour daikon and burdock. The module shall include a demonstration of the specifics of the said production.

Production of Tofu and Seitan

Zrno organic farm products and its own tofu and seitan used in numerous bakery and catering products. The module shall include an insight into the specifics of said production.

Module Duration

The duration of the educational visit depends on the selected modules and the accompanying content. The minimum time for a basic tour and snack is 2h, but for a more complete impression farm and content is recommended to separate for 3-4 hours. The specific duration time is determined at the level of the individual visit with respect to the selected modules and the desired content.


The price of the educational visit depends on the number of participants, selected modules and accompanying content and is created according to individual inquiry. The standard range of attendees is from 5 to 40. Groups over 40, depending on the season, can be a logistical challenge for processes farm They are subject to a special agreement. Payment by bank transfer at the final offer.


Number of participantsMinimum number of modules
1 to 91
10 to 192
20 to 293
30 to 394

Food and Drink

The catering offer on the property is subject to agreement and can be adapted to wishes. The entire offer is certified organic, and the standard options are:

1) Light lunch – includes coffee/tea, ingredients sandwich with Zrno organic farm and a sweet treat

2) Cooked lunch – includes coffee/tea, bean stew, Zrno bread, salad and sweet treat

Standard lunch options
Light lunch
Cooked lunch